The Cybex Arc Trainer is celebrated throughout the fitness industry for its low-impact training and top-tier results. But what “secret ingredient” truly separates the Arc from traditional elliptical machines? Turns out there’s no secret – simply Cybex science and engineering combined to deliver less stress and more comfort than traditional ellipticals are designed to do. Moving your legs in a crescent-shaped pattern puts less pressure on your knees and works your hamstrings and glutes harder than an oval motion does. The extra challenge increases your oxygen consumption and calorie burn.

Research reveals that when using an Arc for your cardio routine, you will burn 16% more calories than on an elliptical in a 60-minute workout. That’s 500 more calories in a week, or…26,000 more calories in one year, or…7 pounds of fat!

Regardless of your conditioning level or desired goals, the Cybex Arc Trainer is designed to help you exercise harder, for a longer period of time, with less perceived exertion, and greater results overall. While it is a terrific choice for athletes, it’s also an excellent tool for anyone recovering from an injury or seeking to optimize their limited time available to exercise.

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