As Spring looms near, our goals for getting fit for Summer’s sultry styles can seen like New Year’s resolutions part deux. While setting a fitness resolution, whether for a new year or a new bathing suit, is easy enough, sticking to it can be trickier than those April’s Fools jokes up your sleeve. So, what’s the key to success? The secret is in making the so-called sacrifice for fitness feel nothing like a sacrifice at all. Here are some top tips to help you make this beach season absolutely suitable!

  1. You can never out exercise a bad diet. Start eating whole foods and stay away from junk now (duh on the second part…but the first part, remember that you can NEVER work off a caramel frappuccino with some cardio).
  2. When eating out make sure you ask the waiter to fill up your plate with two servings of veggies rather than the mandatory carb that comes along with it. Double up on those greens and your waistline will thank you for it!
  3. Make sure those goals are so out of this world that everyone will be looking at you like you are crazy. Shoot for the stars and you’ll end up in the clouds. It’s so cliché but true.
  4. Always write down goals for yourself. Don’t type them. Then tape them to the bathroom mirror so you see them first thing in the morning and the last thing before your head hits the pillow.
  5. Take a picture of yourself. Front, side, and back. And post it up next to your goals on your bathroom mirror. Just a daily reminder of where you are never going back to!
  6. Front load your cards in the beginning of the day. On workout days you can more than normal carbs. On non-workout days really watch it especially at night…and no white carbs! Stick to the whole grains, sweet potatoes, brown rice and other “better carbs”.
  7. Drink water. And more water. And then even more water! A dehydrated body will not lose fat.
  8. To burn the most fat in the least amount of time, 99% of the time do full body circuit training workouts with little to no rest in between. Don’t sacrifice form for more reps, but keep your weights challenging and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.
  9. You will end up living up to the expectations of everyone else around you. Put yourself in the company of people who have achieved what you already want to achieve.
  10. If you screw up (which you will eventually do) don’t beat yourself up for slipping up. Focus on the solution rather than the problem. Fix it, learn from it, and move on.
  11. Always aim for the “afterburn effect”. Afterburn happens when you end a day of exercise but an hour later you are still sweating from the workout. This is your metabolism on fire.
  12. Doing exercise with a friend is the best way to stick to a workout program. Train with in a group class, find a workout buddy, or hire a trainer, but have someone there to call you out when they need to but who is also there to give you props when you deserve them.
  13. Adopt a long term mindset when trying to achieve a goal. Nothing happens overnight. We live in an instant gratification society where we want things done fast.
  14. Stop rationalizing. We rationalize and lie to ourselves to soften the blow. Be honest with yourself and push for the solution.
  15. Intensity EQUALS results.

Now…go get it! Would you rather be covered with sweat at the gym or covered with clothes on the beach? Now is the time to make sure that your summer is everything you want it to be!