March 27, 2016


"After my accident seven months ago that left me paralyzed from the waist down, I wanted to get in top physical condition and maintain a healthy lifestyle. My personal trainer, Tyler, customizes adaptable workouts and keeps me motivated towards obtaining my goals with his incredibly positive attitude and vast knowledge. Cardio Express continues to play a vital role in my recovery and the staffs' passion drives me to push past my limits."
Julia, Mansfield
"I was a guest at Cardio Express Vernon for the first time when I was 15. When I was 16, I got my own membership as a birthday present and Cardio Express quickly became my gym of choice. The employees began to know me very well and were always helpful and friendly. The vibe inside Cardio Express is very welcoming and cheery. I felt like I belonged. I would go late at night or early in the morning before school began and always felt safe and comfortable. Years later, I still love Cardio Express because it is familiar and has become my home away from home. Cardio Express has significantly helped to improve my confidence and become the person I am today!"
Jill, Vernon
"I just graduated from Southington high school and I am 18 years old. Freshman year was probably one of the hardest years of my life. Being in a school with over 2,000 kids, I felt like a fly in the milk. I was lost. I spent most of my time studying alone. I ate my emotions and cried about not having any friends and being unhappy with myself. My biggest problem was my weight. At 5'7", I was a solid 200 pounds. I had high cholesterol, high testosterone, and was at risk of diabetes. I was seeing endocrinologists, dermatologists, gynecologists, all these doctors that were trying to tell me what was wrong with my body. Nobody was giving me answers on how to feel better about myself. The only choice I had was to lose weight. So, in March 2013, I began my journey. Every day for over two months, I would spend at least an hour a day in front of the television doing an at home workout routine. My favorite part of the program was seeing the progress I was making during workouts, each day becoming easier. After two months, I had lost 20 pounds. When I reached a plateau in my weight loss, my dad introduced me to Cardio Express and I began routinely running and lifting. In the spring of 2014, a year after I began my journey, I had reached my goal weight of roughly 130 pounds. Exercise wasn't just my hobby...exercise became my is my passion! I learned a variety of traninig methods and found what worked best for me. My father and I began running road races on the weekends furing the spring of 2014 and by the fall of that same year, I had cut 8 minutes off of my 5k time. Since then, I have run a total of 50 road races and I routinely workout at Cardio Express. I love this gym and what it has to offer. It is such a positive experience and I feel so lucky to have the ability to workout in such a quality facility. Thank you!"
Katie, Southington
"My name is Lexi. I have been a member of Cardio Express Tolland for just over one year and I have never looked back! The welcoming environment, customer service, and fully loaded facilities have provided me with all of the tools that assisted me in changing my life. The support and friendships that were formed in the group training classes, Spinning program, and within your walls are nothing I have ever experienced before. Thank you so much for providing the top notch service that you do!"
Lexi, Tolland
"I joined Cardio Express in August of 2014 to continue on my weight loss journey and to achieve more energy throughout my day. Since joining, I have lost an additional 50 pounds and a total of 88 pounds. I have recently signed up with a personal trainer to educate myself on the proper way to weight train. I feel mentally and physically amazing! I credit the motivating staff and highly knowledgeable trainers for much of my success. Thank you Cardio Express!"
Jeff, Southington

"James and I started our journey early this year. We had battled being overweight our whole lives so we made the decision to have weight loss surgery. Once the weight started to come off, we were feeling better about ourselves. We signed up at Cardio Express to aid in our weight loss journey and the more we went the better we felt! The pounds were shedding off and so were the inches off of our bodies! After a few months of working out on our own, we had a consultation with one of the team members about personal training. They assessed us and James and I decided that personal training was right for us. We were doing great working out on our own but once we started personal training, WOW, what a difference in our bodies...the POUNDS and INCHES are really falling off now! James and I NEVER thought that working out and eating healthy could be so good. We are addicted to the gym! We don't feel right if we don't get our workouts in. Cardio Express is amazing and the whole staff is very friendly and always there to help! Thank you Cardio Express!"

Tempey & James, Southington
Meet Valeyra…She has been working out with Cardio Express Vernon Personal Trainer Alyssa for the past 3 months. Valeyra started her fitness journey at 210 pounds and now weighs 154 pounds! Her body fat percentage started at 41.2% and is at 27% today! “Alyssa is amazing! She was with me every step of my weight loss journey…from tears to box jumps! Anytime I was working out on my own I always had Alyssa’s voice in my head saying ‘one more rep’ or ‘don’t stop, you can do this!’ She taught me so much about my own body. I really wanted to concentrate on my glutes and legs and our workouts always left me regretting that! If anyone wants to not only lose weight, but to get educated about strength training, I would absolutely recommend training at Cardio Express!”
Valeyra, Vernon
“The SPINNING instructors at the Southington Cardio Express have been so supportive and such an inspiration! I added weight training to my routine three days per week in April 2015. I then started Spinning and doing weights four days per week in August 2015. I am now Spinning and/or on the elliptical at a rate of 4-5 days per week as well as four days a week of weights. To date, I have lost a total of 73 pounds and went from a size 22/24 to a size 14. It took me 19 years to gain 103 pounds. It has taken me 1.5 years to lose 73 pounds and feel strong and in shape. This is what I have to remind myself and anyone else embarking on this journey. It takes time and you are certainly worth the investment.”
Jennifer S., Southington
“I have been a member of Cardio Express for years but mostly on and off since, in my case, my solo attempts at getting in better shape never lasted very long. So last fall I decided to come back and try to make some lasting changes. I did something new. I joined some of the small group classes to change up my routine and found these to be challenging but lots of fun. The trainers are always positive and tailor the workouts to where you are right now. A few months later it was suggested I try personal training. So far I am down over 40 pounds of unhealthy body weight, shed over 13% in body fat, and gained 10 pounds of muscle. What’s even better is I have gone from a size 14 to a size 6! It’s great to be pushed to your upper limit whether in individual sessions or classes because you will surprise yourself with what you end up being able to do. I’m always learning something new and I am then able to use that information and the routines when I workout on my own. Many thanks to everyone at Cardio Express who has encouraged and supported me!”
Caroline, Southington
Meet Ann…she has lost 100 pounds! Ann started her weight loss journey at 275 pounds and after working out with Cardio Express Trainer, Tyler, she is now down to 175 pounds! She went from not being able to do squats or push-ups to doing both exercises with no pain and with ease! She turns 62 years old soon and is feeling better and healthier than ever. Ann recommends personal training to anyone who has ever wanted to lose weight but does not know where to start. “Investing in myself has been the best decision I have ever made!”
Ann, Tolland