August 11, 2016

Why Cardio Express

Now 4 Great Locations: Vernon, Manchester, Southington, and East Hartford.Easily maintain your fitness lifestyle and keep your workouts exciting with 4 unique settings.

Open 24 Hours: Monday 12am – Friday 9pm, Saturday & Sunday 7am – 5pm (Vernon, Manchester, East Hartford, & Southington Locations). The excuse “I don’t have time” doesn’t work here! *Hours may vary by location.

Small Group Training Classes: Feeling unsure of where to start or do you need a little extra motivation to keep your workouts consistent? No problem!  X-Zone members enjoy an exciting variety of small group training classes developed to educate and challenge you in your fitness journey. *Applies to X-Zone membership only. 

Best Cardio Equipment In The World (We Think Anyway!): With Cybex® cardio equipment showcases of up to 110 pieces in each location, you can do your own workout on your own time with no waiting or time limits. Just a great workout any time you want one.

Personal TVs On Every Piece Of Cardio: Cardio Express is the largest chain of fitness centers in Central Connecticut to feature personal TVs on every piece of cardio equipment. What does this mean for you? A more enjoyable fitness experience and better results! Studies show that when your workouts are fun and entertaining,  you are more likely to workout more often and for longer periods of time, ultimately helping you reach your fitness goals.

SPINNING® Classes: The ultimate cardio workout! Burn serious calories (around 600 in just 45 minutes) in these exciting , instructor taught aerobic classes. Ideal for weight loss, lowering body fat percentage, sculpting and defining muscles, and for enhancing endurance and stamina.

*X-Zone membership only. Class schedules & availability vary by location.

Tanning Studios: Have the benefit of salon quality tanning at your fingertips without the cost! Keep your summer glow all year long with high-powered tanning beds & capsules.

*X-Zone membership only. Tanning units & features vary by location. Tanning is restricted to members 18 years of age or older. Limited to one tanning session per day. See club for details.

Memberships for EVERY BODY: With Cardio Express memberships starting at only $9.99 per month (by the way, that’s only 33 cents per day), we make reaching your fitness goals affordable. Want to feel like a high roller and get all the Cardio Express perks then join with our X-Zone membership. Either way, experience the Cardio Express difference.