July 25, 2016

X-Zone Class Programming

A 3-phase workout program for everybody! This progressive series of classes are designed to guide you through your first 3 months at Cardio Express. Follow the educational 3 month workout plan or go to the level that fits you best.

X-Zone 1

If you are new to fitness or if it has been awhile since you were last in the gym, we know that starting off can be a little intimidating. Where do you start? How does that machine work? This introductory class is designed to acclimate you to the most basic fundamentals of working out in a gym environment so that you are comfortable and confident when working out on your own. Learn where key pieces of equipment are located on the main floor and have our trainers demonstrate proper use of each machine.

X-Zone 2

Now that you are an expert on the basics, graduate to this next level intermediate class. Explore a total body series of a large variety of exercises using weight training selectorized machines.

X-Zone 3

This class is designed for members who are looking for a more advanced workout routine. X-Zone 3 takes your workouts beyond machines and introduces exercises using your own body weight and free weights while targeting muscle groups head to toe.